Camp Lakebottom Wiki

Narrator: We look at the Porkbelly, but they took our trophy. He Camp LakeBottom dumb. But we have our counselors and his friend Johnny Test. We defeated bad guys. And now... (black) They are back to toasty. (cameras shows the Bottom Dwellers.) We are the Bottom Dwellers! And we are going to get the trophy back to Enter the Black Hole of Horror!

Johnny: (slams door:) Dad, have you seen our friends?

Johnny's dad: They went to their house. Tell them lunch is ready.

McGee: Gretchen! Mr. Test said come to lunch. WHAT IN FROG APOCALYPSE ARE YOU DOING?!

Gretchen: I know they took our trophy, McGee. Tell Bling-Bling Boy to we want our trophy back!

Gretchen & Johnny: SAYING YOU DID?!

Johnny: Dad needs to tell you something.

Johnny's dad: I don't know why they took our trophy. So just let it go, children. Bad guys can take it if they want to.

Gretchen: Me, Mr. Test and Johnny will be busy that Dark Vegan, Bling-Bling Boy, Beekeeper, Brain Freezer, Wack-o, Albert, Mr. Mittens, Zizrar the king of a Mole People and Blast Ketchup will never do such things like...

Bling-Bling Boy: Say what?

Johnny & McGee: EVIL VILLAINS?!

Dark Vegan: That's right. We came for revenge.

Johnny: (gasps) Who are you, bad dudes?!

Beekeeper: You destroyed my truck. Now we're going to make you pay!

Gretchen: We're outta here.

Johnny: What are you guys doing?

Brain Freezer: We will destroyed you, Cool guys!

Johnny: Somebody, do something. McGee? Gretchen? Mr. Test? Do something, Guys, d-d-d... Do something!

(McGee, Gretchen & Johnny screaming)

(The opening credits play as the bedroom shown at the neighborhood, moon shines, 2D letters drop, letters buzz with electricity & BOOM!, shows the logo, camera zooms the stars and flashes)

Johnny: Ow, why did you do that, guys?

[Dark Vegan, Bling-Bling Boy, Beekeeper, Brain Freezer, Wacko, Albert, Mr. Mittens, Zizrar and Blast Ketchup left with the boat.]

[When they go in the house...]


Gretchen: Hugh Test burned up the Fizz-O-Carver and your stuff.


Gretchen: Yes, we did. Oh, and by the way, Hugh said you guys are on Screech Island.

McGee: Oh... okay?

[Gretchen shuts the door and locked it up]

Johnny: Great! How are we get to escape pod?

Major Megaburns: We're grounded ya out.

Johnny: Say what?

Major Megaburns: Watch this.


Johnny: That...

McGee: ...was...


Johnny's dad: Did you tell them they are in Screech Island?

Gretchen: Uh-huh. [Opens the door] WHAT IN FROG APOCALYPSE?! GUYS, WHAT ARE YOU REALIZE?!

Johnny: We're so sorry. We broke LakeBottom Lockdown rules.

Gretchen: I don't say anything. You're fired!

[6½ Days Later]

Porkbelly Police officer: Johnny Test, you're under arrest, jailbreakers!

[The next day]

Johnny: Now for operation: Get the Trophy of Porkbelly.

Dark Vegan, Bling-Bling Boy, Beekeeper, Brain Freezer, Wacko, Albert, Mr. Mittens, Zizrar & Blast Ketchup: JOHNNY!

Johnny: (rows the boat with Gretchen and McGee appear in Wacko's Evil Lair) Not yet?

Wacko: It's done!

McGee: What?! (looks at the white background at Dansville)

[Johnny kicks the door]

Johnny: Stop...

Spy director: What the juice is going on!

Johnny: Stop!

Gretchen: Give it back! You think you can REVENGE?!

Spy director: WHHOOAA! (Gretchen and her friends chase an spy director.) GGGGGRRRRR!

Gretchen: EVIL DICTATOR, the version boon is our chance!

Evil Dictator: Never, the version boon is mine!

Gretchen: Give it!

Evil Dictator: No!


(Gretchen and her friends are captured by the six agents!)

Gretchen: It's happening! Use the version!

Agent 1: Say what?

Evil Dictator: It is no use, good guys, the dimensional enemies came back!

Gretchen: Johnny, hurry! We're entering the Black Hole of Horror!

[They are all screaming, and the earth entered the Black Hole of Doom]

Agent 2: I'm the losing!

[Version of Animé]

Gretchen: No pressure, Johnny, but... AAAAAAAH!!!!

Johnny: Oh no, what in the frog apocalypse is happening to me?!

[Version of CGI]

Agent 3: Relax. It's just some kind of art they make.

[Version of South Park Style]

Beekeeper: And tearing us apart, ya little buffoon!

[Earth cuts in half]

[In the versions of 8-Bit, Lego, Live-Action, Disney and Xilam, they scream]

Johnny: Hold on!

[Version of Flipaclip, the ground cracks and rumbles]

Johnny: I got it!

[In the versions of Making Fiends, Time Warp Trio and Yin Yang Yo!, Johnny pressed "Y"]

Gretchen: We are at back-to-normal Camp LakeBottom!

Johnny: It's good to be home, guys!

[The end credits play]