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Bus driver
Background information
Introduced In "Escape From Camp Lakebottom"
Latest Appearance "Zombie Scouts"
Species Human
Voice Will Friedle
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Bus driver
Other names
Gender Male
Age Occupation Bus driver
Affiliations Good
Enemies Slimey
Likes Driving buses
Dislikes Having his bus pulled into a lake

The bus driver is the driver of the worn-down school bus that brought McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt to Camp Lakebottom. He first appears in the episode "Escape From Camp Lakebottom.".


The bus driver is a short and stout man who drives the lower-class bus belonging to Camp Sunny Smiles. He doesn't speak much (only having one line), but is very focused on his job, even though he is fooled by Buttsquat into driving to the wrong camp.


The bus driver is short and stout, with gray hair and a wooden peg leg replacing his right foot. He also has signs of a growing beard and an underbite.

The bus driver wears an outfit similar to that of a truck driver. He wears a checkered beige shirt, blue pants, a black shoe, a black belt with a gold buckle, brown gloves, and a red and gray hat.

Role in episode[]

When McGee boards the run-down bus, he comes face to face with the bus driver, who just snorts while giving McGee a blank stare. Creeped out, McGee goes deeper into the bus and meets Gretchen and Squirt. While McGee starts to talk to them, the bus driver interrupts him by beginning to drive, accidentally causing McGee to fall over.

When Buttsquat changes the road sign to point to the wrong path, the bus driver is fooled and drives down the road to Camp Lakebottom, where he kicks the passengers out. He starts the bus again, but Slimey grabs the bus and pulls it and the driver into Lake Ickygloomy. After a few seconds, the bus driver surfaces and swims away in a panic while the campers stare at the scene in shock.


  • He isn't seen driving the bus in later episodes, so it’s possible he quit after Slimey pulled the bus into Lake Ickygloomy.
  • His only speaking line was "end of the line, kiddies."


Bus driver
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