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Bud Budson
Teddy Lewis
Rise of the Bottom Dwellers 079
Background information
Introduced In "Duct Tapes (pictued only)
Halloween (official)"
Latest Appearance "The Last Resort"
Species Human
Voice Lewis MacLeod
Age 67
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Bud Budson
Teddy Lewis (by Rosebud)
Other names Bad Thief (by Sawyer and Fizz)
Boss (by Captain Cog)
Dad (by Apple Kid)
Gender Male
Age Occupation Space Chief of New York Space Station
Affiliations Evil
Relatives Captain Cog (father)
Raven (mother)
Mr. Snaker (pet; deceased)
Enemies McGee
Likes he is blinded by his snake pet who spits snake poison in his eyes, Happy New Year, fear of snakes, shoting, New York Space Station
Dislikes a attacking clawing by kitten, throw knocked by locker

Teddy Lewis (also known as Bud Budson) is the brother of Jordan Buttsquat and a evil thief who first appeared in Halloween.



  • Bud Budson uses a spy-cam on a Bird to see what they are talking about in Sawyer's attic. He want to use his new army of monsters to catch Sawyer when he is trick or treating. When his army of monsters come, he is blinded by his snake pet who spits snake poison in his eyes. Then Rosebud and Armand comes in panic and tells them that in the meantime Gretchen is being kidnapped by Bud Budson.
  • Bud Budson is pleased with himself that he finally captured Robotboy. Gretchen and Captain Cog are trying to explain that he didn't but he doesn't believe them. Because his eyes are still blinded by his snake, he still doesn't see that well and really thinks that he captures Sawyer, because he can't see the difference between the real Sawyer and Gretchen in his Sawyer costume. He wants Sawyer to human form and let him make do some assignments. First he wants to see Gretchen (Sawyer) to demonstrate his superpowers by opening a big vault in a bank. But Gretchen only hurts his feet when he tries to kick open the door. Then he wants to see if Gretchen can protect himself. So he puts Gretchen in a rhinoceros cage in the zoo and tries to wakes up the rhino so that he will attack Gretchen. But instead the rhino releases a big amount of gas into Bud Budson's face. When Gretchen also fails to fly and rescue a kitten that Captain Cog threw off a satellite tower. Bud Budson has enough of "Sawyer's" failures. He takes Gretchen back to his plane, strapping him to a table, threatening to bomb his Jump City. if Sawyer (Gretchen) still refuses to cooperate. Gretchen tries again to explain that he isn't Sawyer and that he can't human form, but Bud Budson doesn't believe him, thinking "Sawyer" was trying to outwit him. So Bud Budson decides to cut him open with a band saw to steal his motherboard and learn the secret to human form.
  • Then Captain Coh tells Bud Budson that McGee, Squirt, Rosebud, Armand, and the real Sawyer have found them and are here to rescue Gretchen. Bud Budson then realizes that the real Saywer is standing in front of him and that he kidnapped Gretchen. He orders his monsters to fight against Sawyer. Sawyer Roll call, fights them and rescues Gretchen before he's sliced open by the saw or gets burned by the dragon. Meanwhile Squirt changes the location of the bomb to be sent towards Elmore Junior High School instead of Jump City. Bud Budson withdraws after Bud Budson has taken down all of his monsters by detaching the half of the plane he and Captain Cog are in, throwing Squirt out in the process. Sawyer saves McGee, Gretchen, Rosebud, Armand by grabbing them and flying out of the other half that was plummeting towards the ocean, catching Squirt and saving him as well.

The Last Resort[]

  • The episode begins with Bud Budson testing a theory, Unknown of his plan, Captain Cog walks trough a big freezer while he is listening to Christmas carols on the radio. Bud Budson shuts the door and retrieves the temperature down. While Captain Cog pleads to be freed from the cold, Bud Budson continues his experiment. The batteries of Captain Cog's radio die trough the cold. Bud Budson's theory is confirmed.
  • McGee superactivates and fights with the clone army. Then all of the sudden he is attacked by two clones with a laser beam who stops him. He can't move while being captures inside the lasers. Then all of the sudden, Santa returns and vaporizes the clones, while also shooting at New York Space Stations. McGee is freed. Bud Budson points out that he hates the holidays, After Bud Budson sees Toothy, he hops into the yacht's net cannon and starts firing nets at Toothy, who dodges them. After McGee comes up with a plan, Gretchen causes Toothy to jump over the yacht in slow motion, giving McGee the chance to get Old Toothy's tooth from Bud Budson. Toothy then lands on the yacht, destroying it.

The Final Tricks[]

  • Though unseen, Bud Budson's spirit presumably emerged within the Seal Door along with all the other defeated villain, after their master Lord Lander was finally contained there by the Camp Lakebottom Team. Reeling that they were now powerless in captivity, the Villain all vowed that they would one day be reborn and regain their power, cursing humanity.


  • When Bud Budson reaches outer space, his line ("one small step for New York City, one giant loser for Lakebottom-kinds") references the famous phrase Neil Armstrong said when he first stepped on the moon in 1969.



Rise of the Bottom Dwellers 079
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