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This article is for the character, you may be looking for the episode of the same name.
Bloody Marty
Background information
Introduced In "Bloody Marty"
Latest Appearance "Bloody Marty"
Age Unknown (most likely a teenager)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Bloody Marty
Other names
Gender Male
Age Occupation
Enemies McGee, Gretchen, Squirt
Likes Being free from his imprisonment, partying, making puns
Dislikes Being imprisoned in the mirror world, his saviors not falling asleep

Bloody Marty is the main antagonist in the episode of the same name. He was freed and then eventually trapped in his mirror prison by the three bottomers, being thrown into the lake afterwards.


Bloody Marty resembles a 1950s greaser, and as such uses slang from the 1950s, like "daddy-o." He is very energetic and often cracks puns, and will be very friendly to his saviors, but if they fail to fall asleep, he will try and make them fall asleep (getting to the point where he's so frustrated, he will try and knock them out via punching them).

Before the events of Camp Lakebottom (possibly the 1950s), Marty did nothing but party all day and when there was no one left to party with, partyed with his reflection, in front of the mirror and after partying for 9 days straight without sleeping, Marty was so tired that he fell dead and was absorbed by his mirror, now Marty was trapped in the mirror world. After that, he was known as Bloody Marty because "it sounded cool."

The only way to release Bloody Marty is to chant his name three times in front of a mirror. He will then be freed, however he will try and make the person/people who freed him take his place in the mirror world, which can be done when they fall asleep.

The only way to trap him is to stay awake until sunrise. He will then be sucked into the nearest mirror, and the people who were in the mirror world (if there are any) will be freed.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bloody Marty doesn't have any powers or abilities, due to being a human teenager that was trapped in the mirror world. However, throughout the night he was released, he didn't show any signs of tiredness. Other than that, he will try using many tactics (like counting sheep) to make the people who freed him fall asleep, making them get trapped in the mirror world.


Bloody Marty has brown hair styled into a pompadour. His skin is lighter than other humans (possibly due to being trapped in the mirror world) and wears black sunglasses, which hide his bloodshot eyes (from lack of sleep).

He wears a white shirt with a red stain on it (possibly blood due to his name), a black jacket, a brown belt with a gold buckle, blue jeans, and brown and white zapatos.