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Bat bunny
Bat Bunny
Background information
Introduced In "Bite of the Buttsquat"
Latest Appearance "The Lakebottom House of Horrors! Mwa Ha Ha! Part 2"
Species Bat bunny
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Age Occupation
Affiliations Bad/Neutral
Enemies Anyone who disturbs them
Likes Turning people into campires
Dislikes Carrots (both in solid and gas forms)

A bat bunny is a species of animal that is a combination of both a rabbit and a vampire bat. It first appears in "Bite of the Buttsquat."


Bat bunnies are basically rabbits fused with vampire bats. Like bats, they hang upside down from trees (though bat bunnies do so in broad daylight). They often travel in groups, and will become hostile if provoked.

If a person is bitten by a bat bunny, they will instantly transform into a campire, supernatural beings that can turn into bat bunnies at will and bite other people so they turn into campires.

The only known weakness of bat bunnies are carrots, which will drive away any bat bunnies near them. If a bat bunny comes into contact with a carrot in any way (even if they are hit with a carrot-scented fart), they will immediately turn back into their normal form before they were bitten by a bat bunny.


Bat bunnies are small rabbits covered with white fur. They have pink noses, stomachs, ears, and eyes, and have six whiskers (three on each half of their face). They also have a pair of fangs, and a pair of bat-like wings they hide when hanging upside down.

Role in series[]

"Bite of the Buttsquat"[]

In a flashback told by Rosebud, when she was a child, a swarm of bat bunnies attacked her village. She was the sole survivor of the attack, due to being covered with carrots.

In the present, when Buttsquat is flying around wildly with his jetpack, he crashes near a tree with four bat bunnies on it. They then proceed to bite him, turning him into a campire.

Throughout the episode, the campires constantly transform from their campire form to their bat bunny form, mostly when chasing someone. At the end of the episode, McGee and Sawyer hit five transformed campires with carrot farts, knocking them out of their bat bunny state and turning them back to normal.

Protect the Flag[]

Bat bunnies reappear as an enemy in level 8 of the Camp Sunny Smiles campaign. They are moderately tough enemies that fly towards Camp Sunny Smiles. Defeating one earns the player 150 Medals.


  • Carrots being the bat bunnies' weakness is ironic, due to culture's portrayal of carrots being rabbits' favorite food.
    • However, in real life, carrots are actually bad for rabbits, as they are high in sugar and can cause health problems if fed to rabbits too much.
  • Interestingly, the bat bunnies in Protect the Flag only spawn in the night version of the map, despite being able to safely live in sunlight.


Bat Bunny
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