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• 8/3/2018

About Our Wiki

If anyone reads this, we need your help.

This wiki is extremely underdeveloped for a wiki about a 5 year old show with 3 seasons and a few games. There aren't even 400 pages at the time of this writing, and we could easily reach that number with some help. It's not hard to contribute, and any constructive edits, like photos, are appreciated.

Right now, I am the only person constantly trying to make this wiki better. But I can't do it alone. I would really appreciate any help at all. Any. At all. This wiki is that desperate.

So come on, help this wiki. Please.
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• 11/27/2017

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• 9/5/2014


guys have you voted for your featured article?
hmm.. whom did you voted for?
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• 8/1/2014


Alright guys Season 2 is coming very very soon! Are you excited!!!!! I'm trying to be more active on this wiki now... :)
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• 1/24/2014

First episode

What was the first episode of CLB you saw. Mine was Arachnittak.
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• 1/22/2014

Camp Lakebottom (2013) tv series season 1 episodes

Only 17 episodes have aired but it says there is supposed to be 26 for season 1 so when are they going to air the rest of the episodes?
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• 1/10/2014

Sawyer and his Mum

I really enjoyed this Episode but I also ask myself: "How is she his Mum, they're dead .. Was she his mum when Sawyer was alive, ... Or did she gave birth to him as a Zombie.. "  I feel so pathetic right now xD Because I ask myself these Questions ...

What do you think?  Some answers would be nice .. and pls .. be polite ._.
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• 12/16/2013

Camp Lakebottom Season 2

Camp Lakebottom Cast What do you want to see in Camp Lakebottom Season 2?  Post a reply right now.
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• 11/29/2013

zombie vegan

sawyer is a zombie who is a vegan so... he's like a vegetarian who eats no brains
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• 11/29/2013


how come armand NEVER cliped his toenails?
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• 11/29/2013


ain't she dating buttsquat?
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• 10/6/2013

owning a camp

does armand own this camp
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• 8/23/2013

Why is suzi so evil.

Because she donsen't want to spend the summertime with her baby brother.
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• 8/22/2013

Buttsquat's "Mom's"

I believe that it was not meant that way.
He only said it because they all shouted after him.
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• 8/6/2013

Talk page on Stage Fright

I left a message on the article called Stage Fright's talk page. I posted that I have seen the episode, and I left a brief summary if the episode. However, I received a warning from someone, possibly an admin, saying that 'Content on this page only pertains to improving the article. Theories should be posted in the forums. You have been warned.' or something like that. My post wasn't a theory though; it was a fact. I really don't understand why.
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• 7/28/2013
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